About Us

A Dozen Ways We Save You Money and Set Ourselves Apart From Our Peers

1) We are one of the last service companies left where our plumbers are NOT paid ON COMMISSION, giving them no incentive to increase the labor charge or sell you something you don't need. Our plumbers feel better about their paycheck and do better work.

2) We fix it right the first time Because if there's a second time it's free

3) See if you can find us in the Yellow Pages - You’re not paying for a Million Dollar Advertising Budget; We rely on happy client referrals

4) We offer lots of tips to prevent plumbing problems: call us for free tips like keeping your drains cleaned or roots out of your sewer or having your sewer cleaned for free

5) On the rare occasion you need a part we don't have, we clock out and go get that part FREE; NO CHARGE for time or labor. Peek inside our trucks; very organized and purposely overstocked.

6) Locally owned: no franchise fees

8) Central location saves our time and gasoline

9) Smaller vans save on overhead (gas, tires)

10) We use drop cloths, wear shoe covers and there's a vacuum cleaner on every truck: we clean up after ourselves so you don't have to

11) Your time is valuable, you’ll be pleased how we schedule at Your convenience and show up on time.

12) Your time is valuable, call us once and you’ll never waste time looking for a plumber again